We joined Kuk Sool Falkirk back in September 2013 having seen a demo in the Howgate Centre while I was of work on the sick having had a heart scare. We were looking for an interest for Ben to get into, one that would give him, confidence, discipline and would provide him with great practical life skills, Kuk Sool ticked all the boxes. I had never intended to join the class, but having attended a couple of classes with Ben I found that he fitted right in and we were made to feel really welcome. I took a real interest in the adults class and listening to KJN Don’s teaching hit home, especially given the reasons I was on the sick. I joined up and we have never looked back, Kuk Sool has not only improved my physical fitness but it has improved my mental outlook on life. Kuk Sool offers so much for everyone whatever your age and fitness level!